Who Should be Responsible for Teaching Children Manners?

LibertyMutual.com posted an interesting article about teaching manners…They asked the question who should be responsible for teaching children manners, parents or teachers? As usual there are many mixed opinions on this topic, so here goes the Etiquette Advantages…

Most would argue that teaching children manners begins in the households and is later reinforced by teachers in the classroom.  However to truly bring home this message a third party educator like the Etiquette Advantage could be the missing link in providing our youth with the tools to better understand the importance of manners as a lifelong skill.

To better understand this concept let’s do a little role play and imagine back to your fourth grade self where your mind is ripe for molding. As a child you hear your parents preaching the same material, clean your room, no elbows at the dinner table, say thank you!  As a student you hear your teachers attempting to reinforce these same messages every day.

Now image someone new in a fancy business suit spending the afternoon in your fourth grade classroom. This business person reinforced the same message that your parents and teachers have been telling you all along. The light bulb clicks! By bringing in a third party representative to assist educators and parents in developing well rounded students we are providing our youth with a major advantage to life, matter of fact it’s the Etiquette Advantage.

This same concept applies to all ages.  For example, at the corporate level you are constantly being told how to act by upper level management.  At times (although we all love our boss dearly) we become complacent with the constructive criticism and fall into a routine.  By bringing in a fresh face, someone with experience and knowledge in the field the chances of getting your message across are far greater. Just like the fourth grader, corporate employees sometimes need to hear the message from a third party expert before the light bulb clicks and that aw-ha moment happens when you realize what your boss/parents were trying to say all along.

It’s safe to say that everyone agrees manners are important to a successful life and we must start teaching these skills at a young age. Check out the Liberty Mutual article and see for yourself what others are saying about teaching manners.


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